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Whether it’s beautiful antiques, unrivalled restoration or spectacular interior design, Howarths will assist you in creating your perfect environment.

We combine the old with the new- the unique with the practical. We source all our furniture from Britain and ensure it is chosen for its singular charm and originality.

Our restoration service is famous for its unmatched quality and our interior design expertise has been established from over seventeen years of delighting in the joy of creating beautiful homes.

Enjoy browsing our collections and viewing our interior services…

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A perfect balance of old and new to invigorate your home... making it as unique as you are

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See all products

A perfect Balance of Old and New

At HOWARTHS we understand the importance of balance: modern living and styles combined with traditional values, conservation versus restoration, antiques that are treasured yet used throughout your day-to-day life.

All our antiques are hand picked from the UK - they're not bought on masse - every piece is chosen individually and restored (inhouse) to it's former glory by craftsmen of the highest order. Once completed, they await purchase within our themed interiors - from there to be hand delivered and placed within your home just so.

Our after care is just as thorough - whether it's a decorative writing table or a dining room dresser - we're there to advise on how to make it work within it's new environment, to truly compliment the way you live your life. Our staff are always there to talk you through the finer details of antiques.



Creating beautiful, engaging interiors is our main focus. Married with the ability to provide the very furniture and fittings used within these environments adds versatility and scope beyond compare.

For five years we've successfully combined these services, designing homes that are full of warmth, style and a character unique to the owners and their lives.

Our interior services are completely scalable to your needs - whether you need advice on a particular purchase or require us to work alongside an architect, the level of our involvement is completely down to you.

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Creating a beautiful home

Crossing the divide between art and life, Howarth's interior design services combine breadth of vision with experience and expertise to produce solutions that are singular and stunning.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services - from an advisory capacity on smaller projects, to offering full scale spacial solutions (initial designs through to architectural implementation). We work with you to provide the most effective outcome to your brief.

Our Process

Our collaborative process fits naturally alongside your life, your schedule. We visit your home and survey the rooms that require our attention. Then, you can either choose from our singular and extensive collection, or use your own much loved items. Together we'll add beauty and depth to your home.

Our Pricing

Working to any budget, no matter how small or how grand, means we're as versatile as you need us to be, dependent on your scope of work. With full transparency, no hidden costs, and discounted rates if you also purchase our furniture, we're able to offer an inimitable yet affordable way of improving your lifestyle.



Working to the highest standards, our craftsmen offer a considered balance between restoration and conservation. Their goal, to sensitively restore each piece to a condition that glows with life, heritage and authenticity.


A new lease of life...

By using high quality, original materials, sourced from our fully stocked warehouse, we're able to revive and re-invigorate any item.

Material Sensitivity

Such high levels of restorative quality demand the use of only the most natural, faithful materials and techniques. To this end our warehouse is fully stocked with period timber and pieces from across the years - collected solicitously and informatively, waiting for just the right project. Every element we use has it's roots in an era of elegance and grace - from our dyes to our waxes, our tools to our techniques - all ensuring that restoration is as sympathetic and appropriate to the original item as possible.

Fine Craftsmanship

Our workshops carry out everything from minor repairs, to full re-assembly of damaged items. The craftsmen who carry out these restorations are at the very top of their trade, meaning that every decision made - be it choice of wood or type of wax - is considered, educated and ultimately, lovingly executed.   Unlike many purveyors of antiques, all of our items are restored to the same exceedingly high level. We don't save our attention for special pieces - every item we help bring back to life benefits from the same levels of attention and quality. And it's all part of the one price, no hidden costs.


The line between conservation and restoration is a fine one - how much needs to be repaired or renovated before the original piece becomes whole again? Our repairs are as non-invasive as possible, our precept one of ethical restoration, the onus being on retaining age, colour and authenticity. All our repairs are essentially 'invisible' - enhancing and supplementing the whole. Leading to the revival of an item of character and charm, that's fully able to continue a life of loving usage.